Feasibility study, reverse engineering, cost estimation through the simulation of the project, work under contract special processings and quality control, warehousing and logistics: these are among the services provided by Eurostampi New to satisfy any demand of the clients regarding specific components and moulds.



Technical department

We use the most advanced CAM softwares to be able to programme from 1 to 5 axis milling.

We adopt a consolidated strategy of work that avoids wasted movements and optimizes the manufacturing runtime, creating a worksheet and a work code.

Our accurate simulation tools allow us to prospect with maximum precision the whole machining process until the realization of the finished product.


CAD/CAM technologies allow us to project complex 5 axis milling into the smallest details.

Thanks to some special algorithms it is possible to programme particular processing paths, reducing the production runtime till the 70%.

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Accuracy and flexibility

We execute machining operations of cold deformation of metals, manufacture of moulds and cold-heading in our workshop.

Thanks to our advanced numerical control machinery, we can can perform precision machining on any type of metal, including also wire EDM.

Thanks to the exclusive modular clamping system developed by our technicians, we optimize the production runtime by operating simultaneously with different machines.




Quality control

Custom quality and work under contract

All our products are tested and must pass a strict quality control.

This operation is performed by coordinate measuring machines and takes places in our metrological room.

If the test is exceeded, the finished product is sorted and processed to be assembled.


Eurostampi New logistic department takes care of the shipping when included in the service of the client.


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