Technical department

Its state-of-the-art tools and the meticulous service offered
make of Eurostampi New the ideal partner to produce
high technological impact projects.



From digital to mechanic

We use the most advanced CAM softwares to be able to programme from 1 to 5 axis milling.

We adopt a consolidated strategy of work that avoids wasted movements and optimizes the manufacturing runtime, creating a worksheet and a work code.

Our accurate simulation tools allow us to prospect with maximum precision the whole machining process until the realization of the finished product.

CAD/CAM technologies allow us to project complex 5 axis milling into the smallest details.

Thanks to some special algorithms it is possible to programme particular processing paths, reducing the production runtime till the 70%.

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Mechanics to the power







Every single project is simulated into details in CAD and CAM environments. We programme and prospect each stage of the production, including the calculation of the resulting material.

Thanks to our exclusive method of production eliminating wasted movements, we can optimize the production time till the 70% and guarantee to our client client the best service in quality and timing.

What we use in our technical department:

 CAD 2D Workstations

 CAD 3D workstations

 SolidWorks, SolidCam, WorkNC

 Visi, Vero Solution, pcam